PIENTI TOURISM, a fully A-licensed Turkish travel agency with headquartes in Istanbul, has been operating in incoming, outgoing and ticketing since 1973, with a staff during summer period of 30, winter period of 16, corresponding and supplying guide services in all major languages including English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

The company enjoy excellent personel relationships with a great many hotels and other servise providing public and private bodies all over the country,as a result of its past and present business volume,accomplishments attitude and approach.

PIENTI TOURISM, operates regular packages and programs for groups and individual tours in Istanbul and other places of historical and/or natural interest,as well as in holiday centers all over Turkey.These may,at all ties,be specially retailored upon request.

Furthermore,the company specializes in highlighting new and exciting topics,such as Ottoman architecture and the Ottoman way of life,cruising on yachts and site-diving,golf tours and special interest-group programs.

PIENTI TOURISM, also organizes combined tours to Turkey and the neighboring or nearby countries.

Through its excellent contacts with Turkish professional associations-e.g.Chambers of Commerce,Industry etc.-the company is often granted the task of organizing Turkish participation in professional meetings and fairs abroad.

PIENTI TOURISM, prepares the set-up for international meeting and incentive tours in Istanbul and elsewhere in Turkey,particularly interesting off-season conditions offered by hotels of southern Turkey,namely those in Antalya,Alanya and Side.

Upon any special request, the company may strain its creative, imaginative and fantasy limits, with the assistance of specialists in respective fields, in order to organize very specialized tours covering subjects such as archeology, health, Gallipoliy, Hommer and Troy, Caretta-Caretta, etc.,etc.

Whichever regular program you choose or whatever special reguest you extend,please be assured of the company's unchangeable motto : PERSONALÝZED SERVICES. And if ,at the end,there sholud ever be a surprise,be also assured that it will certainly be to our mutual benefit,interest and pleasure.

If you require a service minded, enthusiastic, professionally malaged travel agency in Turkey to work with, we will be happy to be on your service...

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