Confirmation by the cooperator of one the tours,stays and programs listed in the present brochure means that the said cooperator agress with the general terms and conditions stated below.Further details can be settled in a seperate contract between PIENTI TOURISM and the said cooperator.

COMMISSION;All prices are net of commission. .

PRICE QUOTATIONSAll prices quoted in this brochure are in US Dollars based on the present rate of exchange.Any noticeable fluctuation may necessitate adjustment of quotation. .

PAYMENT TERMS; Confirmation of one of the tours,stays and-or programs listed in the present brochure obliges the said cooperator to send to PIENTI TOURISM the amount of foreign currency necessary to cover advanced payment in Turkey. In accordance with Turkish Foreign Currency Regulations,all payments to PIENTI TOURISM must be made in foreign currency. A proforma invoice based on the estimated number of participants will be forwarded to the party concerned and as a rule,90% of the estimated total amount should be remitted to reach PIENTI TOURISM at least 15 days prior to the arrival of the clients,unless a special payment agreement has been made in advance. The rest of the amount and-or any outstanding amount should be remitted at the latest before the departure of the said clients.Upon bilateral agreement,payments can be arranged to be effected at regular intervals,in any case final settlement of accounts to be concluded before the departure of the clients. .

FREE; One free will be granted for each group of 20 paying persons. .

VOUCHERS; Cooperations will be requested to forward a voucher with the leader of each group,stating the exact number of pax and the services to be provided.The voucher should be presented in two copies,one of which will be returned to the said cooperator with the relevant final invoice attached. .

CANCELLATION TERMS The following fees will be charged upon cancellation received up to: .

  • 30 days prior to arrival, no charge,
  • 29-15 days prior to arrival, 25% of the total cost,
  • 14-8 days prior to arrival, 50% of the total cost,
  • 7 days-24 hours prior to arrival, 75% of the total cost.

No refund will be made on cancellations received within 24 hours prior to,on or after the scheduled date of arrival. . EXCURSIONS AND VISITS; PIENTI TOURISM disclaim any responsibility and shall pay no reimbursement or indemnity in the event that certain monuments included in a program cannot be visited,following a government decision or any other reason beyond their control. .

HOTELS; In the event of force majeure, PIENTI TOURISM may be obliged to change the hotels included in the program. PIENTI TOURISM shall then not be able to consider any claim or reimbursement in this respect,the situation being imposed on them. .

INSURANCE All clients are expected to be covered for the duration of their stay in Turkey by an insurance scheme. .

RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARTICIPANT Any tour and-or stay interrupted or shortened,or any service not utilized by the participant for any reason whatsoever shall not,in any case,be indemnified.Trip cancellation and interruption insurance is strongly recommended. .

LIABILITY OF PIENTI TOURISM; Tours,stays and/or programs in the present brochure are established by PIENTI TOURISM acting only as an agent between, on the one hand the client and, on the other hand transporters,hotels and more generally those who provide services. .

Consequently, PIENTI TOURISM shall not, in any case, be held responsible for any accident, injury, delay and-or loss of or damage to luggage and-or personal belongings and-or consequences there of. Similarly, PIENTI TOURISM cannot be held responsible, and the participant cannot claim any indemnity in the event of a change in schedule and-or itineraries, particicularly if the said change results from unforeseeable events, and-or if conditions make it advisable for the comfort and-or safety of passengers.


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