Izmir Daily City Tour


Tour 1: IZMIR CITY TOUR (Half Day Tour)

Morning or afternoons visit the ancient AGORA. Ascend to MOUNT PAGUS once called the “Crown of Smyrna”. Visit ALEXANDER THE GREAT’S CASTLE overlooking the city of Izmir, the “Pearl of The Aegean Sea”. Then visit ARCHAEOLOGICAL and ETHNOGRAPHICAL Museums. Those wishing to visit the bazaar will be left near the entrance.

Tour 2: EPHESUS AND MARY’S HOUSE (Full Day Tour with Lunch)

Leave for EPHESUS, the veritable cradle of early Christianity. Visit the SHRINE OF THE VIRGIN MARY where she supposedly spent her later days. Proceed to Ephesus and see the spectacular ruins from the period of St. Paul, some of which have only recently been excavated.

See the ODEON, the BOULETERION, FOUNTAINS, the TEMPLES, the BROTHEL, the LIBRARY, the AGORAS, the GREAT THEATRE, THEROMAN BATHS, the GYMNASIUMS. After lunch visit the ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM, the TEMPLE OF ARTEMIS (one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world). (Lunch included)

Tour 3: PERGAMON AND ASCLEPION (Full Day Tour with Lunch)

Drive to PERGAMON. Visit the ACROPOLIS, the TEMPLE OF ATHENA, the famous LIBRARY, the ROYAL PALACES, the TEMBLE OF TROJAN, the steepest THEATRE of the world, the TEMPLE OF DIONYSOS, the ALTAR OF ZEUS (Seat of Satan), and the view of the RED BASILICA (St. John’s church).

Lunch will be served at local restaurant. Visit the ruins of ASCLEPION (Medical Center of the ancient world). (Lunch included)

Tour 4: PRIENE, MILETUS, DYDIMA (Full Day Tour with Lunch)

Depart for PRIENE, the Pompeii of Anatolia and the planned city of the ancient world. Visit the THEATRE, the TEMPLE OF ATHENA, the PRYANEUM, the AGORA, and the ALTAR OF ZEUS and CYBELE. Proceed to MILETUS, one of the principal IONIAN cities and home of Thales which was twice visited by St. Paul.

Visit the very well preserved THEATRE, the BYZANTINE FORTRESS, the DELPHINION, the NYMPHANION, the BOULETERION, the FAUSTINA BATHS and the MOSQUE. Then continue to DYDIMA and visit the TEMPLE OF APOLLO with its gigantic columns. (Lunch included)